Interview & photo: Yana Lapikova          

        Makeup Artist: Fariza Rodriguez


How did you start as a makeup artist?

I'll start from afar. One of my friend, a photographer, whose makeup artist flew off to shoot, once said to me: “Listen, you paint yourself so well, could you paint me tomorrow when shooting?” For money". Why not, I thought, and agreed. Then I bought my first set of Chinese brushes in the vk group and a large Chinese palette. Since I have always been a beauty enthusiast, I had a lot of tones, I put all this in a beautiful metal small suitcase and came to work with a smart look. It turned out well, in fact. As a result, I occasionally received money for it. I also had some acquaintances, even from the journalism department, people who work in the media. But I understood that without the right level of training it’s better not to go there. Even if they take you, and you snatch, there will be no second chance.


Did it happen to you?

Once a friend called me to a cool shoot, where there was a very cool team, right, very, very cool. Even by today's standards. I went there and adjusted. Well, then in the studio was Nick Kislyak, a very cool makeup artist, very cool - she corrected everything for me. I was super shy in front of the team, super shy in front of my friend, and most importantly - I was very uncomfortable with myself. I wrote to Nick afterwards thanks for the fact that she was in the right place at the right time and that I was very embarrassed. I don't even know if she read it or not, because she never answered anything. Since then, I decided that, of course, dating and all that - it is important, but you need to comply.

How did this situation affect your activity in the future?

I began to treat myself more critically. I got better prepared for the shoot. That is, if before I didn’t care about my mindboard and references at all, and I thought that I would come and do everything, then since then I have always been carefully preparing. There were several cases, but not in terms of makeup, but in terms of hair. I asked in advance what it would be, I realized that I could not do it, and said: “Guys, honestly, I can't do it. So let us either invite an individual, or it’s just not me. ” If I'm not sure about some things right now, first try to do it at home.


Would you like to change something else in your professional past?

Three and a half years ago, I decided to quit and become a makeup artist. I naively believed that I already know most of them, and I need to learn a little bit and get a diploma. The diploma was the key point. I looked for a school, which at that time I calmly pulled on money and went there for a “crust”. And this is exactly the act that I would change, because if I immediately went to a good school, it would save a lot of time and effort.


Did that school give you something other than a diploma?

They explained to me how not to go to Petersburg through China, but just to go immediately to Petersburg. She gave me something, but you could get a lot more. In terms of skills, experience and some kind of initial employment, because good schools, as a rule, at least their best, but attached. For example, a teacher may take somewhere as an assistant assistant.


Was the diploma useful?


How did you get into the media?

At that time, Masha Vorslav was leaving Wonderzine from the position of a beauty editor (we did not personally know each other), and she was looking for new heroines on Facebook for "Cosmetics".

At first they took me to the heroine, and then I still got a Telegram channel. I am not already leading him now, but at that moment I managed to jump into this HYIP train, they started calling me to Wonderzine and other interesting projects appeared. Therefore, for me, Wonderzine is still those guys who, wherever they call, if I have time, I will go for free and do everything they ask me to.


certainly, i want to be like pat mcgrath.

What are your interests besides professional activity?

I believe that this is one of my biggest problems in life - I have a lot of interests, which are generally from different spheres, and they are very difficult to make friends with.


When I think of myself as a make-up artist, of course, I want to be like Pat McGrath: so that I was the coolest, authoritative, did cool work, I had my own cool team, I worked on the show with the most fashionable designers, with the coolest brands . Then she launched her own line of cosmetics, which would not just be a cosmetics name of me, but it would be something new, the right product, which would all go perfectly.

But at the same time, I think that I still only have a makeup artist in my pants. I am interested in topics such as medicine, vocals, Spanish, feminism, editing and 3D modeling.

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Does that inspire you?

I am a person who is inspired by the dark side. I joke that my parents are guilty, because they gave me a book of Dracula by Bram Stoker in three or four years in pictures, and later the movie “Interview with a Vampire” was shown, which was shown very late in the evening, and I watched it. I like the dark side of art. That is what comes out of you through pain, some kind of suffering, dark thoughts. You release it in an accessible way. It can be music that creates some visual images in you, it can be visual art.


That is, the artist in his manner tried to depict reality, and you take his manner and bring it to your face - and you get such an interesting quotation. And also when you find like-minded people, when someone admires you.

And also when you find like-minded people, when someone admires you. Everyone wants to know that you are so cool, well done, unique and not only in your head. For example, the fact that we are talking to you now and that you chose me for your report actually really inspires me.

i like the dark side of art. that is what comes

out of you through pain, some kind of suffering, dark thoughts.


Can this be called your style?

I love everything gloomy, but this does not mean that everything around should be curled with bats or skulls, “dark” aesthetics can be present in fact in any style.


And what is anti-inspiration for you?

I really, really don't like it when they try to remake me. When I feel right in some matter, for me it is not necessary to convince everyone else that they are right. It is enough for me that I feel this way.

And there are people who need to be sure that everyone thinks the same way they do. It annoys me. Just this.


What are you most proud of?

Probably his way of life, in general, in general. I like that I decided and live the life I want. And in parallel with this she gave birth to two children. I was about 30 years old when I decided to change everything.

Before that I worked as a PR manager, went to work. Of course, this is not the most dismal, from my point of view, work, such as paper handling. You communicate with people, it's great, but I always liked to produce something tangible.

The very idea that you are doing something that you can see, you can see the result of your work, not ephemeral, but concrete - this thought always excited me.